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 Nur – Grade  II

 The Blue Bells curriculum framework (New) is based on the recognized theories by Dewey, Piaget, and Montessori. It  is designed to bring learning to life by ensuring students develop deeper cognitive skills in priority areas such as in creativity and problem solving, language and communication , physical – motor domain and social emotional adaptive learning to support their academic growth and well  being. The theme based trans disciplinary curriculum is devised in house keeping in mind the intellect of the children, their grasping power and ability to respond accordingly. Students understand the concepts through the inquiry based approach, project based learning, and phenomenon based learning thereby developing skills through thinking, analyzing, evaluating, communicating and decision making.


Activity based learning pedagogy is carried forward through field trips as it adds meaning to learning. Grade I onwards the language enrichment DEAR (Drop Everything and Read ) programme and WOW ( World of Words ) labs  help to further enhance language skills. Value Education programme, School Cinema,

THOTS are unique experiences for developing life skills and higher order thinking skills( HOTS).

Circle Time – This is a specially designed time-slot at the disposal of the students when they avail the opportunity to express their thoughts without any inhibitions and give flight to their imagination.