‘The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence’. Man has rightly been referred to as a social animal because he cannot survive in isolation and nor can he thrive in a chaotic society. The civilizing process is the brightest achievement of mankind and it is education which provides that cutting edge which segregates the ‘primitive’ from the ‘civilized’.

As educators and mentors we have a great responsibility entrusted on our shoulders to provide the progeny with an educational process which will enable them to become desired and amiable citizens of the world. Education in its true sense does not merely imply sharing facts and figures but imbibing in our children a culture which will stay with them as a way of life. As such it includes code of manners, language, norms of behavior and systems of belief. It is undoubtedly our culture-the social environment which helps in weaving the web of beautiful relations and brings out the ‘gold’ the ‘best’ in our personality.

It is in sync with this objective that we at Blue Bells strongly believe in strengthening the cultural roots of our children. It is no doubt essential to re-charge, re-invent and rejuvenate ourselves from time to time so that we remain in pace with the changing times, but dear readers remember a sapling can blossom into a healthy tree only if the roots are strong and healthy. So move ahead because ‘action and reaction’, ebb and flow, trial and error-this is the rhythm of living.

Ashish Gulati
Blue Bells Preparatory School